Pinballz2 1.10

Well designed pinball game for your Pocket PC

Pinballz2 is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a pinball style game for Pocket PCs that builds on the success and popularity of Jason Goldman's Pinballz, adding more features, better graphics and more. Its improved gameplay and ease of use make it fun to play but difficult to put down!

Launch the ball

Touch the *Launch* message, or press either the AddressBook or ToDo buttons to launch the ball. If the launch message says "shoot again" it means that you are being given an extra ball (either due to the Extra Ball light, or if the ball was lost in the first 30 seconds of play)


Use the DateBook and MemoPad buttons to activate the left and right flippers.


Use the AddressBook and ToDo List buttons to give the table a nudge from the left or right side. This will give the ball a small push which can help you keep the ball from escaping down the center of the table, or put it into position to hit a desired target. You can nudge the ball several times in a row for more effect - but be careful! Too much nudging will cause the table to TILT. You are allowed approximately three nudges per minute without tilting.

Some of the main features of Pinballz2 include:

  • High resolution, high color graphics
  • Digital sound
  • 3 ball Multiball play
  • Mini breakout game
  • Animated characters
  • High Scores
  • Autosave
  • Nudge/Tilt
  • Tons-o-Fun

Another addictive and exciting pinball game for your Pocket PC from Jason Goldman.



Pinballz2 1.10